Musical tools for personal transformation

While I was on my vision quest last October, I had a profound experience listening to a song while looking over the desert at dusk.

The lyrics and notes spoke to me so powerfully...I started to cry and cry and felt such a rush and release of energy, pain, fear, sadness... was incredible.

If you are music lover too, you know what I'm talking about.

There are few things in the world that can create such transformative experiences and space. It's such a powerful tool for opening, connecting, deepening your awareness and creating emotional release.

Right now, I'm using a few musical tools and wanted to share them with you to use in your own life or with your friends and family....

  1. ODEZSA: IN RETURN: This album was the soundtrack to my self-discovery at the vision quest and I listen to it every day on repeat...*swoon*.
  2. This meditation track on youtube that's 3 hours long titled "Deep Sleep Relaxing Music. Background for Meditation, Sleep, Yoga. Stress Relief":
  3. I highly recommend Marconi Union "Weightless": (I regularly "prescribe" this to clients for anxiety and relaxation and use it in my own life regularly as well). You can get the 10 hour version of that track here (yes for real):
  4. Not all transformational music is relaxation based - I also created this "State Change Playlist" which is full of upbeat, high-energy, positive songs for to clients use along to with a powerful state change practice I learned from Tony Robbins:
  5. Lastly, this article is not only fascinating, but also includes a playlist and youtube links for meditative music that reduce anxiety:

Let me know what you think and share any songs, albums, artists or playlists you think are awesome!