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Coaching with Jess changed my life. When we met I was stuck, overwhelmed and my business was falling apart. In less than 5 months of working together I turned my business around, brought in more revenue than ever before and finally feel like I am living in to my soul’s purpose. The depth and power of her skill as a coach is unbelievable. She goes where most coaches don’t so you can get to the root of your challenges and make changes that last a lifetime. If you are thinking about hiring her - do it. It WILL change your life forever.
— Founder, Maggie Kay Coaching
Jessica is an incredible person, coach and leader. The power of our work has transformed my life and my business completely. Through our work I’ve learned so much about who I am. I’ve uncovered and transformed core beliefs that were limiting my growth. She really sees me and holds me to a higher standard. Through our work, I’ve developed new skills to help me move through fear, doubt and uncertainty. Now new opportunities are opening to me every day - financially, in my personal relationships and with myself. If you want deep lasting change - she’s the one.
— Founder, Quarter Life Joy
Jessica is amazing to work with. In a short period of time she assessed the challenges I was facing and shifted my energy to see things differently. The actions I’ve taken have allowed me to find a better work/life balance. Not only has my job performance has picked up significantly, I’ve also received funding for my startup. But I’m fully enjoying the simple things in life as well. She’s brilliant, tough, compassionate and nimble. Each week we discussed different topics that I wanted to discuss I grew exponentially from where I was the week before. I feel like a completely new person thanks to Jessica. I have clarity, purpose and confidence in where I’m headed. This experience changed my life and I know that I will maintain a relationship with Jessica for years to come.
— Vice President of Sales at True[X] Media
Jessica’s philosophy is grounded in theory, her style is incredibly authentic, and she truly models what it means to commit to a process of learning and change. Jessica is a diligent and passionate coach; she combines a level of rigor and playfulness that makes the experience of working with her both unique and ensures results. I highly recommend Jessica for anyone looking to take their career to the next level.
— Senior Director, Organizational Development & Learning at Kelton
Jessica is a gifted coach who helped me when I was struggling with a major career transition. Her insightful questions helped me gain more clarity on the situation, and she pushed me to identify what was most important to me. She brings a wonderful blend of energy, compassion, and straightforwardness to her relationships, and as a result, quickly becomes someone you can trust.
— Leadership Development Coach at University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Jessica, is no less than amazing. I honestly believe coaching with her changed my life. I seriously mean it. She works on more than the typical issues: your business plan, client development, closing more deals, etc. If you’re ready for change, she can actually help completely transform a person. Like going from a Hyundai to a Porsche. She’s really, really gifted. I recommend her for anyone, no matter at what level they are, a newbie or already accomplished.
— James D., CEO Private Consulting Firm
Jessica’s coaching is life altering. She has moved me past deeply ingrained blocks regarding me being “seen” in the world...and her coaching propelled my view of what’s possible. It is beyond inspiring and invigorating. I am a different person and am so grateful for the opportunities that are unfolding for me, my business and my relationships.
— CEO, Transformance
I am blown away. After just one Rapid Transformational Experience with Jessica, I have finally released the blocks that were holding me back. I had a sudden burst of creative energy and now I finally know exactly what to do to take my business to the next level. Just WOW.
— Cindy R.
Jessica has partnered with me as a professional coach under a variety of transitional times in my career and it has been incredibly valuable each time. She is a talented coach with exceptional skills that drive me to think differently, challenge my own patterns of behavior, and help me find direction and clarity in the moments I need it most. I highly recommend anyone to consider partnering with Jessica as your coach.
— Sr. Training Manager, Digital at The E.W. Scripps Company
Jessica provided a wonderful coaching experience for me at a critical point in my career search. After our session I felt an immediate sense of clarity that I most certainly can attribute to our conversation. Jessica’s positivity and approach provided a safe and trusting space for impactful discussion and reflection to occur.
— Social Collaboration Strategist
Jessica assured me that everything I needed to clarify my purpose was within me. Employing a few deft questions, she got me to re-articulate the reasons why I had sacrificed “comfortable” and invited so many big changes in my life. With great skill, she managed to get me to guide myself. Within a one-hour conversation, I had recognized what had derailed me and how I could get back on track.
— Vice President of Development