The game-changing phrase to live a happier life

Want to know the biggest reason people struggle to create what they want in their lives?

They don't think they are enough.

I recently graduated from my dear friend and mentor, Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Therapy training program client transformation and one of the most profound things I've learned from her and our work is that "enoughness" is at the core of almost all issues.

Think about it for a second...

From asking for a raise to losing weight or starting a family, the primary block we face is the belief that we are not worthy (or enough) to experience what we desire.

I deal with this ALL THE TIME. For me it comes up in the form of questions like:

"Why would anyone want to hire ME?"
"How could I possible ask someone to help ME?"
"Who would ever want to collaborate with ME?"

I know it drives my poor husband crazy.

And when you believe you aren't enough, you believe that certain things just aren't available to you. Like love, more money, or health.

Just knowing this changes everything and allows you think about all of the things in life that you may be denying those clients I mentioned.

If you want more happiness and fulfillment, you gotta get right with yourself.

That's the real truth of it. You will never close massive deals, get big promotions and build wealth if you're scared that you are not enough.

I offer an incredibly powerful Rapid Transformational session specifically designed for getting to the root cause and reason for your belief that you are not enough. The breakthroughs my client's experience when they finally understand WHY they continue to repeat the same patterns or hold on to pain is remarkable. 

When you know the reason why you do not believe you are enough and make that reason obsolete, your life can change forever. 

  • When did you begin to believe that you were not enough?
  • Who told you that you would never have money, love, success or good health?
  • What do you tell yourself today that keep you tolerating a "good enough" life? 

Because here's the truth....


Down to the core. You just may not remember why and that's OK. Most people get lost in life and we forget why we are so damn awesome in the first place.

Instead of your old bullshit stories - I want you to say something different: I AM ENOUGH. 

I often times suggest my clients put it on their phone lock screens, screen savers at work or meditate on it in the mornings. 

My mentor Marisa writes it on all of the mirrors in her house - another great trick!

I believe in you. I believe you are enough. Shit. I KNOW IT.