A controversial perspective on Purpose

I’ve got a controversial perspective on the concept of “purpose” - so be forewarned before reading this...

Have you ever struggled to figure out your purpose? I know I have.

For years I struggled with this idea of finding my purpose. It felt like this monumental quest to find my reason for being, for creating, for living.

I’d find something I felt passionately about and get so excited, “Oh! Maybe this is it! I think I found it!” only to find that it still wasn’t quite right.

We’re all being taught that we have to figure out the answer to this question and that without it, we aren’t able to live a meaningful life.

The turn of phrase “Find your purpose” used to inspire people to take action and live a life on their terms.

Yet somewhere along the way it became more than just an existential question...your purpose became tied to the constructs of career and work.

Today, our work is supposed to be a direct reflection of our purpose in life.

No wonder why choosing a career or launching a business is stressful!

What if instead of asking, “What’s your purpose?” we asked a different question...

”What is your OBSESSION?”

The definition of obsession is: "A persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly: COMPELLING MOTIVATION."

An obsession is a force to be reckoned with.

Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Rosa Parks...all of these famous figures are/were OBSESSED by thoughts that by all accounts appeared to be “unreasonable”. They freak people out with their ideas and the intensity of their commitment.

Yet their obsession with these ideas, their endless fascination, curiosity and insatiable hunger led them to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION to achieve their dreams.

And when you combine OBSESSION with PASSION....Oh. My. Lord. There’s no stopping that train.

Passion is defined as, "the feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something."

If you are passionately obsessed with something, you will not only be compelled to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, you’ll have enthusiasm and excitement for the experience.

I believe that following your obsession with passion it will lead to a fulfilling life. You will have an exciting reason for waking up each day.

And that through that process you will find your greater purpose.

I am obsessed with people. I am obsessed with transformation. I am obsessed with psychology. I am obsessed with sleeping (not really...but really).

What about you?

What keeps you endlessly fascinated? What can you not get enough of? What excites you? What compels you to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION?