How To Conquer Your Fear

You know the feeling...

You’re getting ready to make that big phone call to a new client. Your stomach tightens; your hands start to drip. The panic you’re feeling hits you in the gut. So, instead of picking up the phone, you pick your butt up off the chair and head to the coffee pot.

If you work from home, maybe instead of picking up the phone you start picking up around the house, doing laundry, cleaning something. Or you call a friend.

What’s the deal with you?!

Why are you letting fear... just an emotion that can be controlled... get the better of you?

It’s time you learn to say FUCK FEAR and get on with your business.

Sorry if that hurt your ears, but anyone who knows anything about me also knows I hold nothing back. I’m here to tell you that if you want to get beyond your fears you have to stand in its face and yell, “Fuck you, Fear!!”

Everyone experiences fear.

Ever look at some of those beautiful people on TV and think what do they have that you don’t?

You know the ones.

Those men and women... the big wigs in their industries... who look absolutely fearless, who look all put together and tied up with a bow. Their clothes are perfect, their hair is perfect, their smiles are perfect and their handshakes are strong.

They can be big-time politicians, actors, attorneys and even everyday business people you meet on the street or in a conference room anywhere in the world.

Close your eyes and really see them in your mind.

Who do you see? What are they wearing?  What do they have that you want?

A great big income? Celebrity status? Success in all areas of their lives?

Here’s a dirty little secret about every successful and “amazing” people...Just like you, they are all scared of something.

Strike that...LOTS of things.

And here’s a truth for you... There is not a normal human being on the planet who doesn’t experience fear on a daily basis. We're hardwired for it.

We used to run away from bears, now we run from our to-do-lists.
— Jess Geist

Back in the cave people days, fear kept us alive. It was our fight-or-flight mechanism and massive rush of adrenaline that made us run from the Sabretooth Tiger so we could go back to our loving cave families and live to fight another day.

Today, that same mechanism is triggered, but not by truly life-ending threats.

We used to run from bears, now we run from our to-do-list.


Because we think we will suffer the arrows of rejection! (In truth, we won’t.)

Do you ever feel like this?

If so, good.

Because just like joy, happiness and anger, fear is just a feeling... an emotion... a learned behavior. This is excellent news, because it also means you can stop FEELING fearful all the time. We can stop REACTING to triggers.

So, what is the antidote to fear? It is action.

The real “secret” to overcoming your fears is in your subconscious mind. All you have to do is reprogram your thinking.

What qualifies me to say that?

A question I get from clients all the time is, “How do I conquer FEAR?”

In fact, it’s probably the #1 issue the women I work with face in their businesses. The great news is that they do conquer their fears. It takes some specific action steps and reprogramming, but that’s what I’m here for!

If you want to learn how to conquer your fears and move forward even when you have sweaty palms, you get short of breath when you think about picking up the phone to talk to potential clients, and maybe even experience heart palpitations when your fears are triggered, you’re in luck.

This is the first in a special series of articles where I teach you how to look Fear in the face and say loud and proud, “Fuck you! You’re not stopping me from being who I’m meant to be... earning the money I want to make... or doing what I know I need to do to get to my goals!!”

Now I want to hear from you. 

What triggers you to go into "fear mode"? 

Comment below and share what presses your fear button (hey, we've all got one). 

Stay tuned for the next article where we talk about how to confront your fears.

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