How Fear Is Holding You Back

What's stopping you from reaching your absolute highest potential?

You know... that professional, that business owner and that entrepreneur you always wanted to be?

Let me cut to the chase. It’s Fear, plain and simple.

I don’t care what you call it... “anxiety,” “stress,” “overwhelm” or whatever. It’s all fear dressed up in a pretty word coat.

Tony Robbins says, "Stress is the entrepreneurs word for fear." He's spot on.

Let me ask you something...

Are you conscious of your fears? (Think a minute before you answer.)

Some people will tell you that they fear nothing. I'm sorry but I'm calling BS.

Know why?

— Jess Geist

The subconscious mind is always running. In fact, 95% of your life experiences are driven by your subconscious mind. It’s running 24/7 in the back out of sight from our conscious mind.

You may not notice it, but I promise you that it’s there and it's running the show. 

So, here's the deal...

The first step to overcoming your fears is to acknowledge them.

If you don’t, you''ll keep white knuckling your way through life trying to avoid a landmine of triggers that set off your fear bomb and cause you to... 

NOT pick up the phone when clients call

NOT make sales calls

NOT get tasks ticked off your to-do lists

NOT whatever it is you know you need to do but don’t

Underneath these fear symptoms are the root causes behind all of it. It's not obvious to you because it's invisible, buried deep in your big old subconscious. 

The good news is that you can stop all the nonsense thinking. You can dump Fear at the corner and take off at high speed! Be sure to give it the middle finger as you drive off, too. (Fear hates that). 

How do I know? That’s what I help my clients do.

You see, they come to me looking only at the symptoms of their fears and not at the root cause. I tell them to think of the fear as a big, ugly, heavy rock. It’s not good enough just to look at the rock and tell me about the rock that’s in their way.


They have to pick it up to look under it!

When you dare to touch the rock you can toss the rock off a cliff if you want, but you have to address the rock and everything under it first.

If you don’t, well, nothing will change. You will stay stuck, feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed and struggling to make more money.

Let’s look closer.

Let’s take money, for example. Rather, let’s look at your lack of money.

You say you want to earn more and that you’re sick of seeing other people in your industry or business that make 10X what you do?

You’re not alone.

That’s a big one for a lot of people.

Some clients come to me because they want more money flowing into their lives. We talk about it. We explore the root causes of their fears around money (because that’s what “not earning enough” really boils down to).

You see, what lies beneath is a fear of rejection, fear of being different, fear of not being good enough or loved enough, or simply fear of not being worthy of your own dreams and desires.

That’s what stops some people from making more money.

I’ll go further into the psychology behind what drives your fears in the next article.

For now, I invite you to check out the #RealTalk Facebook Live Series I recently did on Overcoming Fear for the ladies in my Worthy Women group. This Real Talk series was dedicated specifically for our scary friend and what we can do to overcome it. 

In these sessions, we got real about our fear of..

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Now I want to hear from you...

What are your "fear symptoms"? What does fear look like in your life? 

Tell us in the comments below!

Stay tuned for the next article coming your way soon where we dive deeper into the psychology of fear and how to break the spell.

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