Why am I not good enough?

This video struck a deep and powerful chord in me. The level of resonance I have with this little girl's truth is overwhelming.

I feel my whole life has been spent trying to be liked. Trying to do the "right things"...but never living up to some ideal I've created in my head. Wanting to be "good enough" wanting to belong. Wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin. Wanting people to think I'm cool, smart, funny, pretty...

Wanting, wanting wanting. Never having. Always wishing for something else. And when I DO get what I strive for...feeling like it was luck...feeling the fear that I will lose it all again in an instant...because "they" will find out I had no business having it in the first place.

I've starved my body. I've pushed myself to burnout. I've stayed small and quiet trying so hard not to offend anybody because I don't want to be "too much.". I've let men say and do things to me that I didn't want because I was afraid of being called a prude or a bitch.

And at the same time - all of that pain has made me stronger. It's made me question what is and what has to be. It's bred my rebellious spirit. It's made me push against the status quo and seek out deeper meaning and understanding.

And what about you? Do you settle for less? Do you wish, want and pine for another life but settle for less because you don't believe what you REALLY want and need is possible?

I can't stand the idea of people choosing to settle for what other people tell them they can or can't have. I can't stand the idea of people living in a world where they think they just have to "take it" because what they really want, who they really are, just isn't possible.

THIS is why I do what I do. This is why I became a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach...to help people reclaim their enoughness. To rid themselves of the pain and hurt caused by years of emotional suppression. To empower them to follow their truth and debunk the old, restrictive stories of society, family and community. To give people freedom. 

Please, don't settle for less in this life. You can do it. You can have more. You are so enough, so worthy and so deserving. I believe in you.