Why I turned down an invite to Richard Branson's private island...

A year ago I got invited to join an intimate group of powerful women entrepreneurs on Richard Branson's private island for 7 days.

This was a dream invitation for me - I couldn't believe it.

"Seriously?? They want me?? But I'm not nearly as 'successful' as those other women...."

Then I learned the investment…$30,000 up front due in 3 months.

"Shit...$30,000?!? I don't have that kind of money. There's NO WAY I can do this."

At the time I was had around $12K in the bank - not "good enough".

Immediately I thought..."Well  there you go Jess...see,.you're clearly not ready to be chillin with Richard Branson on his island because you don't have the money. You don’t belong there"

I was so deflated.

A couple days later I was hanging with a friend of mine (also a powerful coach) and told her the story.

She looked at me and said something that changed my life.

"Wait...so what you're saying right now is that you are choosing to be in the same exact financial situation in 3 months that you are today?? Girl - you got bigger problems than Richard Branson and his island..."

OUCH...that was a serious #truthbomb.

She was right. I was stuck in scarcity, lack and not enoughness. I felt it.

I wish I could tell you that I chose to turn it around right then and there, took massive action and earned the money and had a magical time with Richard...

I didn't.

I didn't look fear in the face.

I didn't ask for help to get over my beliefs.

I didn't put my desire first.

I missed that opportunity because I didn't believe in myself.

FUCK do I regret that so much now.

This is just one of countless examples in my life where I let me worth get in the way of my wealth.

I learned the hard way what happens when I choose NOT to believe in myself and buy into my bullshit stories.

Now, I know that those opportunities are character defining moments.

They are the moments when I can choose to play small, stay the same or fall into fear OR, I can just do push myself and BE the powerful woman I am.

Choices create the architecture of our lives.

Right now as I’m enrolling for Worth to Wealth, I’m talking to women entrepreneurs every day who want to take action in their business...who are desperate to get out of their head and find peace and freedom.

Women who are ready to make a choice - to stick with the story or to change it.

It’s amazing to see what happens when they do - power, confidence, joy, LOVE.

They stop saying, “I can’t” and they start saying, “I AM.”

What about you? Are you ready to “flip the script”?

Worth to Wealth might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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It’s time to own your worth and earn your wealth - your gifts are too great, your love is too big, your life is too precious to do anything less.